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“Warde Property aims to provide real estate services of an unsurpassed quality to an international clientele on the French Riviera.”

Whether buying, selling or renting a property, Warde Property offer clients a friendly and professional service to satisfy even the most demanding client requests.

Why Warde Property?

The French Riviera is saturated with estate agents. Choosing which to work with can be difficult while navigating through a foreign property system can be daunting. Working with Warde Property, you can be sure that you are working with professionals and that your request will be effectively delivered.

Warde Property Real Estate Consultants

Through 5 simple steps, we will find you your perfect property and ensure that:

  1. Contact Warde Property with your requirements.
  2. We send you a personalised portfolio of suitable properties within 24 hours
  3. Based on your feedback, we organise property viewings for you
  4. After we have found your ideal property, we negotiate on your behalf
  5. Throughout the purchase process, we work with our partnering services to ensure the process runs as smoothly.
If you see another property you like anywhere else, let us know and we will insert it into your property viewings. This can be from another agency window, property magazine or property website. So instead of having to liaise with 5 different agents for 5 properties, you can get all of them organised by Warde Property for you.

The French Riviera estate agent system can be either a daunting prospect or a smooth process, depending on how you work it. At its worst, clients deal with agents they cannot communicate with, using hard-sell tactics on the same properties that you have seen on websites several times already. If you do find a property you like, not being surrounded by competent professionals makes a big difference to your experience and your perception of the buying process (which is quite efficient when done correctly).

If you see a property you like in another estate agency window, property magazine or website – point it out to us and we will include it in your viewings that we organise for you. This costs you nothing – either we have the direct listing or contact the listing agent and the fees are split between agents. The fees are determined by the seller when he/she signed the listing agreement with the listing agent, so the total figure does not change.

Why go from estate agency to estate agency, website to website, when Warde Property can do it for you – selecting the best properties that match your criteria and organising them into one set of viewings. If you prefer to do the searching yourself, just let us know what you want to see and we organise it for you.

Working with Warde Property - the best customer service on the French Riviera
  • Finding the correct property based on your requirements
  • Negotiating the best possible price
  • Assisting with organising finance, if required
  • Quality legal advice from our notary and a separate lawyer, if required
  • Regular communications informing you of progress
  • After-sales service such as organising utilities and any renovation works required
After the sale, Warde Property will still be available for you. Whether you want to renovate, rent or you just need someone to manage the property while you are away.

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