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Living in Monaco

Wealth Management in Monaco

Monaco, one of the smallest countries in the world wedged between the French Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, has many attractions. Over three hundred days of sun every year, the crystal blue seas, a safe place to live and proximity to France, Italy and Nice's International Airport, with London a mere two hour flight. This quality of life combined with generous tax advantages make Monaco the residency of choice for High Net Worth Individuals from Europe and around the world.

Monaco ranks highly on the United Nations Human Development Index, which can be attributed to many things, notable low crime, high quality education and health services.

This tiny principality is one of the safest places on Earth, thanks in part to the highest proportion of police officers to residents in the world with 517 police offers for 32,000 people. The large police presence is visible and has been very successful at keeping crime to a minimum.

There are 10 state-run schools in Monaco: 7 primary schools, two lycees that provide technological training and hotel training. There are three private schools, including the International School of Monaco. The International University of Monaco is an independent business school that specialises in finance and luxury goods and services marketing. Its MBA program is ranked 37th in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Culturally, Monaco boasts many annual events and museums, such as the Oceanographic museum in 'Monaco-Ville'. The annual Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world attracting thousands of visitor and spectators to the principality.

Monaco's economy is primarily based on tourism and the luxury goods industry, in part due to the generous tax advantages that Monaco residency affords. The government is actively positioning Monaco as a financial base and has attracted numerous banks, private banks, hedge funds and wealth management companies to Monaco. Events and Event Management, especially business conferences, are thriving in Monaco, attracting businesspeople from all over the world.